Wednesday, 21 September 2011

For the Love of Veg

Dark mornings and chilly days herald the beginning of the end of the Summer glut of homegrown veg. Having had great success with growing tomatoes, courgettes, broccoli, chard and a multitude of herbs, I can see the growing list for next spring getting ever longer.  
Radish detail J.Godwin (2010)

Earlier this year I completed a study of vegetables. As I wanted to use a range of textures,colours and shapes, I decided on a selection of delicate vegetables including spring onions, asparagus, garlic, including a couple of cloves, and a bright pink radish. 
Lots of sketches and colour testing later and the fun of the real thing could begin. The texture of the spring onions was particularly difficult to get right. The papery layers and subtle greens led to the use of a multitude of greens and blues and an eye-wateringly tiny brush!.

Spring Onions (detail) J. Godwin (2011)

Initially, I had considered using a gorgeous selection of red onions, but I could not get the composition right with so many round shapes going on. The garlic bulbs reflected the papery texture of the spring onions and, of course there was the added benefit of the lovely pink cloves.

Getting the colour of red onions right

Red Onion. J. Godwin (2010)

Solitary Garlic Clove (detail). J. Godwin (2010)

In the end, I was pleased with the overal effect of the composition. A bit quirky and cheeky with the two asparagus spears standing casually at the back, (can asparagus be casual?), and my tutor called it 'interesting' but good. Well, anyway it all went well.

A Selection of Garden Veg J. Godwin (2011)


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