Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Fruits of my Labour

Something from the garden and something from the studio. Hard to know which is more rewarding. These are the last of the tomatoes, but still looking good. These will make a good composition on paper as well as be delicious in a salad!

This summer has not been too good for tomatoes, until the last few days when temperatures went silly. They have taken ages to ripen and once they do, you get loads all in one go! The freezer will come in handy. Maybe I should have a go at making chutney as well. Hmmm.

Last September and October was the assignment on fruit. For this, I could have painted these gorgeous tomatoes, but alas I didn't have any growing at the time and therefore had to venture once more to the market and supermarket on the hunt for something good looking.

I had never eaten a Persimmon before deciding to paint one. These lovely, bright orange fruits grow across Europe and ripen in the Autumn. The fruits look like baubles hanging off the plant, which loses it's leaves before the fruit are ready.  

Persimmons - detail. J. Godwin (2010)

Deciding on a group of 5 Persimmons, showing a range of angles, I worked the composition as a landscape and spent ages getting the right shades of orange. The fruits are quite smooth and shiny, so getting the angle of light was crucial to showing them as realistic as possible. The leaves had turned to a crispy brown and the many textures and folds proved tricky.

In amongst all the orange, there were pink and lemon highlights. As the fruit ages, the colour becomes more intense and a pinky/orange hue becomes more prominent. When young the tone of the fruit is more lemony so getting the mix of tones right meant very close observation of the highlights and shadows. The last detail to include was a few streaky markings on the skin of the fruit. Again, as they age, these blotches are a distinctive characteristic of persimmons, so I couldn't miss them out.   

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