Monday, 12 September 2011

A Good Decision

After a good few weeks of not being able to get back to the drawing board, (it's a very long story that I won't bore you with but needless to say it was a real pain!!!) this weekend I took the plunge and got back in the saddle. Like riding a bike, it is the familiar feeling of brushes in hand that feels good and although the advice of drawing every day had to be put aside I was glad to see that I hadn't got too rusty in the interim breather.

It was a good thing that I decided to trawl the garden for a suitable subject on Friday, being ready to go this morning as, well today is just going to be one of those typical, 'bad weather', hold on to your hats kind of days. Already it's been pouring with rain, blowing a gale and causing havoc in the garden. Anyone out and about today, especially 'up North' may well get swept off their feet, (and not in a good way).
Clematis 'Arabella' is a truly stunning example of a simple flower that really does make the most of itself. The flowers, although quite small begin as a deep purple, turning to a beautiful deep blue that eventually fades to a paler shade as they age. The stamens create a lovely little halo around the centre giving a great contrast to the colour of the petals.  

Having used this example earlier for one of my assignments, Arabella has become a favourite and as it lasts for ages in the vase while you paint it, a great choice for botanical painting.  

The fine specimen in my garden has been flowering it's heart out for months and, as I stepped outside this morning to inspect what carnage the wind had caused overnight I was met with overturned pots flowers left on my little 'Arabella'. They are probably making their way to Brighton by now. Oh well, It always pays to be prepared, the couple of blooms I cut on Friday are still looking fresh as they cool their heels in the fridge, ready to go! 
As my camera issues have yet to be resolved, these fine examples of Arabella come from CrocusPioneer Clematis and Deeproot.    


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