Friday, 30 September 2011

One Day to Go!

With just one day to go before the start of my epic month long leaf painting challenge, I decided to see what the garden could provide in the way of shapes and colours. Many of the leaves I have attempted before have been of similar shape and colour and I really want to take on something different, like an Acer or something equally difficult.

On venturing outside it was just as I thought, the Acers were looking fabulous and everything else was looking a bit tired, (quite literally as the plants drop their foliage due either, to the unusual heat-wave or simply because they have run out of steam). After 10 minutes in the garden I came back with handfuls of leaves and began to lay them out onto my prepared paper. Then the fun began.

Acer; Photinia; Skimmia; Clematis: Nandina Domestica
and Peony leaves  

Finding the right type of composition for all of these shapes and sizes, remembering that they will all need painting at different times will be enough of a challenge. Although, I will need to spread all 31 out over a number of pages some might look nice on a smaller page with only three or five leaves on each. Odd numbers always look better and there is no rule to say I can't paint a series of the same type of leaf say, Photinia which always look so rich at this time of year. My favourite colours of Perylene Maroon; Brown Madder and Permanent Rose will all feature in this gorgeous Autumn selection. It reminds me of the 'Nature Table' we used to have at Primary school. Ah, such happy days!   

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