Friday, 21 October 2011

The First Frost, (and Butterflies)

Red Admiral - Photograph by Jim Asher
Red Admiral Butterfly photo by Jim Asher, courtesy
of Butterfly Conservation

This week saw the arrival of the first frost. Just a light dusting but blimey it was cold. The heating had to go on and many of the plants in the garden looked a bit frost bitten. Ah well at least it looked pretty, especially when the sun finally made it's appearance. To think, it was only last Saturday when I caught a glimpse of a Red Admiral butterfly, (I had been keeping a record of the butterflies we see for Butterfly Conservation's 'Big Butterfly Count' in August), and the garden was full of birdsong. That reminds me, I must refill all the bird feeders so the poor little blighters have something to eat.

A few more faves
Nandina domestica, Lily, Cirrhosa
It has been a pretty busy week this week and I am sorry to say that I have got a bit behind with my daily leaves. Oops! Well, it is my first go at it and I am not experienced enough to work quickly. It is one of those times when you want to get something done, think you have bitten off more than you can chew and fear that it will all go horribly wrong. So far it has gone ok and I am not going to rush at it just to keep up and spoil the whole thing. Perhaps I shouldn't have tried a composition. Something to think about for next year.  

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