Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Identifying Apples

As October marches on, this weekend saw me picking apples from the garden. When we first moved here one of the things that really made me happy was the sight of three established apple trees. As a child, back home in Essex, I had been lucky enough to be sent off to school every Autumn term with a home grown apple. Yum! Nostalgic thoughts indeed.
The Happy Haul
And so, over the past few years we have been munching our way through our apples not really knowing what type they were. Handy that The Apple Book by Rosie Sanders along with a good few ancient tomes from the family library were at hand to help with identification. And so we think we have got: Worcester Permain,a beautifully sweet fruit with rosy skin and creamy white, crunchy flesh; Cox's Orange Pippin (lucky me!!),the ultimate 'English' apple, and another one we're still working on. Since moving in we have also planted a Bramley Seedling (just for the hell of it).

Of course, at the time I was really trying to concentrate on finding more leaves to paint for the current project but these just looked so nice on the tree it had to be done. So for a couple of hours, eating (or at least the thought of it) took over from painting. 

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