Friday, 14 October 2011

The (Leaf) Story So Far

Progress on the leaf challenge continues, and as the weather is still fine it has been no hardship to collect a range of suitable and interesting subjects to paint. Evergreen plants have proved extremely useful and I have included camellia, cotoneaster and grasses alongside the deciduous mix of nandina domestica and oak leaves (pencil outlines just out of shot).

'Autumn Leaves', work in progress. J. Godwin 2011

Work in progress shows the composition as it builds each day. My next few choices (already drawn in pencil) will have some strong reds and yellows to balance the leucothoe leaf on the far right and truly reflect Autumn. The clematis leaf in the middle with all it's burgundy shades was bright green only a week ago so I was lucky to catch this one at just the right time.

Cotoneaster. Detail from 'Autumn Leaves'
J. Godwin 2011

For this branch of cotoneaster leaves I used a mix of green that is one of my new favourites. Indanthrene Blue with just a touch of Perylene Maroon with either Cadmium Yellow Light or Winsor Yellow, (New Gamboge creates a more olive shade). The different shades of yellow change the mix from a fresh, bright green to a rich forest green. Although I have always mixed my own greens with a touch of red, I came across this particular mix after reading an interview with Scotland based artist Sharon Tingey on the Botanical Artists blog. It is such a versatile mix that  I can see me using it for nearly everything from now on 


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