Saturday, 1 October 2011

One Down, 30 To Go!

Ah, that's better. When the first wash goes on and behaves itself, I feel better. Deciding to play it safe and start with a shiny Skimmia leaf was a bit of a cowardly start to the challenge but I thought if this one went well, it would give me enough of a boost to keep on going.

A first, light wash of Cerulean and Cobalt was chosen for the highlights as these did not appear as bright white. As this wash dried, I added a second colour, this time using Indanthrene Blue and Winsor Lemon, allowing the mix to spread and mix with the paler wash, forming the highlights. Using a clean damp brush, I pulled out some of the colour to emphasise the highlights.

The First Wash

Working on one side of the leaf at a time and glazing with clean water before laying on each colour wash keeps the highlights clear and creates a more natural spread of colour. Like many SBA students this is a technique I picked up after reading Billy Showell's book of, 'Watercolour Flower Portraits'. It really works and keeps things nicely controlled. Continuing in this way, I built up a couple more layers of colour, being careful to pay attention to the areas of light and shade. The last job was to add touches of Perylene Maroon to the stalk and tip of the leaf.

Nealy there

What to do next?
Looking back at my Skimmia leaf through the day, I could see there were a couple of touching up jobs to do here and there. So I must go back and do that but overal though, I am quite pleased with it. Oh, in case you are wondering, no I am not going to blog about all 31, that would be silly.  

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