Wednesday, 23 November 2011

...and a couple more rosehips

After my foray into the berries and ripe rosehips, I found a couple of under-ripe rosehips which had a lovely tinge of yellowy/green and a gorgeous round shape. using just a few colours to achieve the colour on the fruit prevented overworking, a muddy finish and, hopefully kept things fresh.


Firstly, I applied a pretty strong mix, (be brave!) of Indanthrene Blue, Cadmium Yellow Light with a touch of Perylene Maroon over a glaze of water. As this dried I dropped in a lighter mix of Winsor Lemon with just a dot of the green mix to create the lighter side of the hip where the light fell. Using a damp brush I pulled out some of the colour from the centre to create the shine. Getting the timing of this bit right has been trial and error and control is the key., I have taken a few tips from the short clip by Billy Showell, which helped a lot.

Building up the strong green by adding more blue and a touch of Neutral Tint, leaving a slight 'halo' to the edge and keeping away from the highlights and the yellow enphasized the roundness. A couple of washes of Umber with other 'neutral / brown ' mixes finished the sketches off.


Vicki Lee Johnston said...

These are so lovely - beautiful studies. Thank you for following my blog too - how wonderful to meet so many nice people,

MILLY said...

It was lovely to find your comment.
I have enjoyed looking at your beautiful work. I do think you have captured the red berries so nicely and liked to read about your colours. I usually just draw red berries, so the blueberry and snowberries were very interesting too.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thank you Milly. The snowberries were a real pain, I will have to practise white-on-white a bit more as I tend to go a bit too grey. The red ones came out much better as I mixed loads of different reds to get them right.

Sonja White said...

Congratulations for the mention on 'Making a Mark' Blog. As a fellowo SBA Distent Learning Student, I enjoy discovering your blog and look forward to explore it more. Your rose hip studies are beautiful!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thank you so much Sonja, I couldn't quite believe it myself. Many thanks to Katherine Tyrrell at 'Making a Mark'.