Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Summer's Last Hurrah

As if on cue, the sun came out, (all too briefly) over the weekend, so off I went to capture some of the last that Summer had to offer, (the clocks going back an hour in Britain means an end to the season). Rosa 'Sweet Haze' really is well named. This is a lovely little rose that the bees absolutely adore and so do I. This one was bought at a great plant nursery near my family home in Essex and endured the two hour trip home to Hampshire. It's a robust little thing that has been flowering it's heart out for months and the smell, well simply divine. Sitting in it's pot near the path in the garden, 'Sweet Haze' is always within nose reach for a quick sniff en-route to the veg patch. The last bud is nearly ready and then they will be gone for another year.

No idea what this one is as it was already in the garden when we came. The blooms are looking a bit tired now but I can't blame them, it's getting cold, they have been out for ages and it's time for the last one to finish. Although not quite as picture perfect as 'Sweet Haze', this rose has a gorgeous scent, enormous blooms and, well the stripy colour makes it individual. This year I had considered grubbing it out but now I quite like it. Reprieved!!

Hydrangeas are amongst my favourite flowers. Whether it is just the sheer blowsiness of the flowers, the fact that they last for ages, look great in a vase or are amongst the last of the Summer colour I have no idea, I just love them. This one was a fantastic pink not so long ago and as the flowers fade they take on an interesting skeletal form that will last all winter if left on the plant.

Although I haven't yet tackled a Hydrangea as a subject to paint, (I did paint one of the leaves in my 30/30 challenge)  I have a few around the garden and will enjoy the challenge of giving it a go. To use an old, (and somewhat corny) quote, ..."maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon...". 

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