Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Dreaded Ivy

This week I started painting the ivy on my little composition. For days I had been avoiding it as I had not been too sure how to go about it and there are so many different types. Ivy is a nightmare. All those veins and greens going on, there is much that can go horribly wrong. Anyway, enough I said just get on with it!!

So, off we go. There are a few varieties of ivy growing in the garden, but the one I settled on has a deep blueish-green leaf, which I thought would set off the red of the rose hips quite well. Looking carefully, the blue-green had a sort of 'under-wash' of a more lemony-green as did the veins of each leaf are considerably more lemony so I needed to be careful there.

Sennelier Cadmium Yellow Light mixed with Ultramarine Light and a touch of Perylene Maroon was used as the first lemony wash over the entire leaf. I have got into the habit of glazing with water first, using quite strong mixes and keeping everything quite wet, 'a la Mindy Lighthipe'. Practising this method has helped a lot and although I am not quite there with perfecting it, this method has really improved my technique.  

The ivy stems are worked with a mix of Burnt Umber
 and some of the lemony green mix with touches of diluted Perylene Maroon
here and there.  
Well, better get on, there is much more to do here.


Hedera said...

I do like your composition Jarnie - it has a delightful liveliness to it! I also admire your patience and colour mixing techniques - the result is lovely. :)

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Lovely work - it certainly has a great life to it. I am interested to know if these studies are for a particular painting commission or your own works for study purposes. I am interested to know about the hiatus from the course - I almost did it myself due to the amount of work required - but continuing on now, for better or worse!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Hedera. As this piece is quite small it hasn't been too difficult and it's only taken a couple of days to do.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Vicki,this little piece is a Christmas present for my Mum but I am thinking of making it into a small print. Taking a break from the SBA was really easy, although the course director does need you to have a pretty good reason, as she has to rubber stamp it. I will pick it up again in June on course 8.