Saturday, 31 December 2011

That Post Christmas Feeling

Well, after all the feasting I have now entered that period known as the 'post Christmas lull'. Having eaten nearly half my body weight in chocolate, cake and other food stuffs over the past few days and with the new Year bank Holiday to come, I am in dire need of a bracing dose of fresh air. Now would be a good time to borrow a grateful neighbour's dog and go for a very long walk.

Whilst out and about, (but, alas without a pooch in tow) I noticed how many plants and trees still had their leaves and how many plants that would normally flower in Spring are flowering now. Even stranger, some plants like the Viburnam and Clematis have buds, flowers and berries all at the same time. Even my neighbour's Snowdrops are out. In December! I ask you?   

Flowers, Buds and Berries!

It might be winter flowering but it's been going
strong since October!!

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