Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year Inspiration

Getting going again after such a long break is always difficult. The Christmas and New Year festivities make you feel sluggish, and as the first working week gets underway there is much catching up to do.

After having a bit of an early spring-clean with the blog, I needed some fresh subjects to reflect the, 'new broom' feel of the new year. Just now, the shops are full of delightful little pots of dwarf narcissus and snowdrops to bring cheerful colour indoors along with the more traditional Hyacinths, Amaryllis and Poinsettia. The mild winter has also led to an early show of spring bulbs in many gardens, (including my neighbour's). Hopes were high for my next project.      

Step 1. Getting it right. The initial tracing. 

Settling on a small A4 composition of Snowdrops and perhaps some Cyclamen, I headed outside to find some suitable blooms. The garden was a bit sparse, especially on the Cyclamen front and I didn't want to raid my neighbour's patch. The supermarket on the other hand had some adorable little pots of snowdrops with bulbs both in bud and bloom. Perfect! Firstly, I 'built up' the composition accurately on sketch paper and traced it carefully. I have found that by using a tracing I can make necessary corrections without spoiling or marking the watercolour paper. Also, I can use multiples of the same image and even reverse the paper to get even more, (another handy tip I picked up from the SBA seminar last year).

Step 2. Some time later and it's onto the proper stuff! 

Once on the watercolour paper, the image can be sharpened up lightly with a sharp H grade pencil, added to or whatever, plus I can keep the tracing for use later on if it all goes horribly wrong. Now for the addition of gorgeous colour...


Jessica Rosemary Shepherd said...

This looks exciting!!! Looking forward to seeing it develop.

MILLY said...

Best wishes for a Happy New Year year and lots of painting.
Thank you I followed the link to the V&A, really enjoyed her flowers.
Look forward to seeing the snowdrops. I can see they are through in my garden, not long to wait now for the first flowers.

Rebecca said...

Don't you love snowdrops? I can't wait to watch this new piece develop! I really like the new blog look, too...Happy New Year! :)