Monday, 2 January 2012

Same Squirrel, New Look!!

Well, here it is, the new look Sketchbook Squirrel! Only up and running for a few months, I sensed Squirrel had outgrown the basic, off-the-peg, plug in and play layout and needed a change. Hopefully I have not lost too much of the quirky charm from the original by going all minimal but it's still me and I plan to add more bits and bobs as we go along.

Firing up my gorgeous new laptop over Christmas gave me the excuse to play around with the Blogger templates and have a bit of fun trying out new ideas. Most of the family added their opinion on how it should look, (all in good humour, of course) and there is something amusing about creating something via a committee. Your comments are always welcome.

Project-wise, I am on the hunt for early flowering Spring plants and bulbs. After all the ivy leaves and rosehips of Christmas, I fancy something blowsy and completely different. Snowdrops, with their pure white petals and fresh green foliage always look elegant and stunning in the snow and I love the bright exuberance of cyclamen. Hmmm, an idea is forming...            


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renatabarillipainter said...

Buon Anno!
Good whishes for the 2012 new look!!!!