Thursday, 12 January 2012

Snowdrops but no Snow!

Like so many other January babies I am used to frozen pipes, slush on the ground and rain, rain, rain.  Not so this year. As my birthday approaches mild weather and clear, bright days have put an early spring into everyone's step. Let's enjoy it while we may. Never mind all that get on with some work.

As with the snowdrop study worked on the Sketchbook page, I started these flowers with a very light cerulean / cobalt wash in the shadow areas, but leaving some white paper still showing for the highlights, (snowdrops are white after all). I find the blue actually makes the flowers look whiter and gives them more depth. Strange but curiously true! Next came a slightly darker mid-tone of the blue mix with a touch of Lemon Yellow and Cadmium Red. Experience has taught me to go really easy on this bit and to allow each layer to dry before deciding whether or not to add more. White flowers are so temperamental and it is so easy to make them go prematurely grey. Something none of us want!

Snowdrops have this great little feature of bright green amongst all the white. It gives them a much needed boost of personality but needs a careful hand and a small brush. Here I have used a ready mixed Sap Green, but also found a mix of Indanthrene Blue and Lemon Yellow gives zing and a rich depth to the darker areas. Up next, the leaves...

Not too grey, I hope
The green was a mix of Indanthrene Blue and Lemon Yellow with
a touch of Perylene Maroon and Neutral Tint for the darker areas 


Claire said...

So beautiful and I'm sure we'll be having daffodils in bloom very soon its so mild!!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Claire, I can see my Daffs going for it as I speak :)

Jane Minter said...

lovely !