Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Back to the Sketchbook

Yesterday was a wet and blisteringly cold day here in Hampshire. The plan was to collect some new subjects from the garden for a new composition but the weather had done it's work and the damage was done. Limp and lacklustre hellebores, sad snowdrops and as for my lovely winter flowering clematis, which was going to be the star of the show and had been going great guns for weeks, well that was looking bedraggled and weather beaten. 

Not feeling brave enough for the rather long walk to the shops, I decided to work on some sketchbook exercises that needed catching up with. Always a good fall-back when the weather and self-motivation are a bit low. Of course, this also gives a great opportunity to revisit old friends amongst the pages and see them in a new light. Something that perhaps didn't work well way back on Assignment 6, might look really good for something in the Portfolio. So, back to the sketchbook to see what I could find.

I really enjoyed painting this little Fuchsia for Assignment 4
last Summer and would like to do more.

Sketch and colour notes for Rosa Canina or, Dog Rose
for Working in the Field.
Now with the addition of a couple of hips and a dissection.
The tiny little seed is just seen in the corner.    

The leaves got a bit overdone on this Bramble
but I like the overall look of it.

Working on some rose hips, sketches and dissections for my, 'working in the field' piece and starting to put ideas together for the 'mixed flower' assignment I felt the plans and compositions had really begun to take shape. The roses looked lovely last summer, but I had to wait for the hips to form, and although I had left it a bit late, there were some lovely bright red hips still on the plant. So not a bad day after all.    

One from the archives. This is the little book that I find
invaluable for indentifying wild flowers 

A typical page including description and example of habitat.

My Cranesbill and Bramble sketchbook study.
Purple flowers really are some of my favourites.



your study and pages are beautiful.

Rebecca said...

Oh, my, you've done some lovely sketches and studies here..That book looks like a wonderful reference. Just might have to check Amazon to see if they have a copy.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi there. Thanks for your kind comments, as always much appreciated. Yes the book is an absolute winner and even better, it's on Amazon, so do check it out.:)