Thursday, 9 February 2012

Go for it Greens!

At last, with the weather looking a little better, (for now) and everything outside looking somewhat perkier I can pick out some new subjects. Perhaps those hellebores? In my recent post on these cheery little blighters I had mentioned that although I had completed a couple of monochrome studies of Helleborus Foetidus I had not yet tackled a watercolour piece. It was tempting, but I wanted to have a go at something different.

Completed for Assignment 2, this Hellebore
perhaps has a chance to shine in full technicolour 

Instead of the hellebore, I decided to pick out a small branch of Cirrhosa 'Wisley Cream', a winter flowering clematis. A couple of weeks ago, I praised this rugged little flower for it's longevity and prolific capacity for flowers. Still going strong, I decided to put one on paper before the season finally ends.

All ready to go. 

Pretty, but not in a loud, blowsy manner, the flowers of Cirrhosa, 'Wisley Cream' are very pale yellow, almost green single blooms. The leaves are shiny, rounded and a lush green, forming a frothy little cluster around the flowers. A dainty and delicate specimen that is offset by the reddish bark of the branches.

Deciding on a sinuous, curving composition to accentuate the growth habit, I hope to show the flowers and buds off at their best, and get most of the leaves to behave themselves by facing forward. There will be lots of fine details to challenge me and I am glad that my new brushes arrived today, as my old ones have become a bit worn with  my slightly vigorous handling.

From left: Da Vinci 'Cosmotop' mix B size 6
Useful for mixing and big washes; Da Vinci 'Maestro'
Sizes 1 and 2, extra fine points for detailed work and
finally, a Rowney 'Diana' size 3, heard they were good
so just for a try out, got one.  

Some of the greens mixed from blues and
yellows. Now I tend to add a touch of red
to add a little more depth

All the shades of green on this study should prove challenging as I tend not to use pre-mixed greens too often. There will be lots of consultation and analysis of my greens chart to help me get the colours right. The leaves themselves look interesting too, with lots of veining and delicate, round, curving shapes going on. I have tackled these before with two examples being added to my 30/30 leaf challenge page. Although my earlier examples came out quite well, they had more of a yellow, autumnal tinge, whereas these ones are full-on spring green.

Adding a lighter touch, the delicate Cirrhosa, Wisley Cream',
with ivy leaf , grasses and primrose.  


Rebecca said...

I'm certainly looking forward to watching this one develop. The red tones in the curving stem will be beautiful with the greens and yellows here.


beautiful pencil study of the wild hellebore ...i've been painting watercolour stodies this week.

Hedera said...

You've chosen a very delicate and pretty subject - I'm sure it'll be a lovely painting :)

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Not so much painting this week as much more 'stuff' going on. Will cetainly try to get cracking on it soon. Might have to cut some more though.

MILLY said...

Really enjoyed your sketch book pages of the wild rose, brambles and flowers. I guess that is because they mean more to me, being a country girl.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Milly,all these sketches will be for my next assignment. I chose them as a sort of homage of a hedge in a quiet country lane. Here's hoping!