Monday, 27 February 2012

It's Red not Cream on Wisley

Just a quick update on the progress of Wisley Cream. With the main stem finished and two clusters of leaves almost done, the overall effect of the finished article is coming together. The colour of the stem is my favourite bit at the moment. The combination of the deep maroon with the bright green looks just as I hoped it would. 

Keeping the leaf mix pretty intense right from the first wash sets the richness and depth of these leaves. Moving the colour around quickly maintains the areas of light and shade, allowing the colour to 'pool' more naturally.

Using a fine brush, I 'draw' the veins lightly, ready to build up the colour and shape. I am also trying to introduce a more defined series of light, dark and midtones to create a greater sense of the three dimensional subject.  Better, but not perfect!

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