Monday, 5 March 2012

End in Sight for Wisley C!

Nearly there with Wisley C but the leaves are taking their time. After a busy week last week I am really trying to get a move on. I am really looking forward to getting it all finished so I start my next project but I will have to work quickly if I want to get it finished before I rejoin the SBA Diploma Course course. 

Now that we are into March I only have two months before I have to start the assignments, beginning with 'Working in the Field'. So far I have been working on my own projects which has been really lovely, no pressure, no deadlines and no marks to worry about.  Still, I don't really mind as the course is loads of fun, and there are a great bunch of people all painting away for their Diplomas too.

More of the leaves, and a couple more flowers
I hope once the flowers and leaves at the top are in that the middle section
won't be quite so empty.


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