Thursday, 1 March 2012

Not so Mellow Yellow

Taking on yellow flowers can bring me out in a rash! My first attempt was Dahlia, 'party' for an assignment and although the buds and leaves came out nicely, the open yellow flowers were a real challenge. The difficulty I find with yellow flowers is getting the shading right. The wrong 'botanical grey' mix can be harsh and artificial against yellow so a slightly different approach is needed.

Shading on the flowers used a mix of the yellow, red and blue
used in the rest of the painting.

The best tip I ever picked up and something that I know I do go on about quite a bit, so forgive me if you have heard this one before, is mixing your shadows and greys using the reds, blues and yellows in your current project to make more harmonious mixes.    

Facing the fear!
Making a start on the very pale but rather crinkly flowers 

Still working on the leaves for Wisley Cream but I wanted to get some of the flowers done to see how the components would look together. The mix I used for the flower buds was made with Lemon Yellow, Raw Sienna and Cerulean Blue. Lots of crinkly, wrinkles on the petals of the flowers will need a brownish grey in the shadows. The addition of Perylene Maroon with the mix of Lemon Yellow, Raw Sienna and Cerulean Blue sounds very unpromising but works quite well.  


Claire said...

Clematis is looking splendid,coming on well.The shading looks spot on with these colours.
I don't know why I seem to have missed loads of your previous posts!strange ,anywaY Hope you are having the nice weather xx

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Claire and I am glad you like Wisley C. Spring is always a busy time for everyone so it's nice when you get a chance to catch up.
Fingers crossed the nice weather keeps on coming. x

Rebecca said...

Very nice..The Wisley C is looking so lovely! You are spot on about yellows and having to tred carefully with gray undertones. That's really tricky with colored pencils as well.

Best of luck with the seeds. It's time to sow them indoors here ... :)

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Rebecca, I can't imagine how difficult it is to get shadow tones in coloured pencil. Yikes!

I will be doing lots of seed sowing this week!