Thursday, 22 March 2012

Pencil Lines, and a Dalek!!

Now here's something you don't see everyday! I am used to seeing people walking their dogs passed my studio window, but a Dalek!! I had to take a second look and grabbed my ever-present camera to catch this priceless view. As there are absolutely no shops anywhere near us here I wonder where it came from?  

Life is indeed like a box of chocolates!!

Meanwhile, back to the work in hand. Drawing the flowers of the grape hyacinth with a very small brush and a blue mixed with Winsor Violet and Cerulean Blue kept the overal shapes easier to stick to than pencil. I find too much pencil difficult to work with and a nightmare to get rid of. If you are not careful, too strong a pencil line during painting can muddy the watercolour mixes and ruin a piece. I have learnt this through painful experience in the early days.

I have found that by making a very light initial drawing with a H grade pencil is a lot easier to work with. before starting the painting on this little sketch, I rubbed out most of the pencil, just leaving a very light outline with some of the details 'mapped' out. The daffodil will be treated in the same way with a lot of the pencil being sent on its way.

Working on the grape hyacinth.
The darker pencil lines on the daffodil
will be removed before painting starts

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