Saturday, 3 March 2012

Weeds to Wildflowers

Today is a good day. The wildflower seeds I ordered from Sarah Raven and her new book have arrived, so now I can get on with the job of sowing and planting and generally enjoy the wealth of wildflowers we are lucky enough to have here in the UK. The idea as some of you know, is to have a small area of wildflower 'meadow' species in a small area of our garden to help provide pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinators.

Over 500 wildflower species are here from every
type of habitat.. It's a real doorstop.
A great reference guide and my new favourite!

My seed collection, old and new.
The handy seed instruction booklet came
as a useful surprise with my order.  

All my wildflower and bee friendly favourites are here. Cosmos, bishop's flower, ox-eye daisies and poppies are amongst the species in the meadow mix and I have collected envelopes full of seeds from marigolds and foxgloves and bought some verbena bonariensis and dahlia seeds to add here and there.

Here's hoping for a riotous blaze of colour, loads of buzzing bees and of course, gorgeous things to paint.

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