Thursday, 8 March 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes

As I look to rejoin the many SBA students on the Diploma Course, I have just been having a bit of a sort out of the portfolio of assignment pieces completed so far. Looking back at my earliest piece and comparing it with my latest work, I was really pleased to see how much my technique, observation and drawing skills had improved. I don't think anyone really notices improvement for themselves when they are working on something continuously, it is only when you give yourself time away from it and go back, that it is much clearer to see the difference.

Just to demonstrate that I have bypassed my embarrassment chip here's the piece I sent in as part of my application to the SBA Diploma Course. Looking at it now I am quite amazed that Margaret Stevens, the Course Director actually thought I had potential. Bless her for that, I am forever grateful, (and trying hard to improve). My humble little 'Veggie Trio' with its bad edges and less than perfect shading has taken pride of place in my sketchbook as a constant reminder of  my terrible start. 


Wrong paper, dreadful old brushes, and me,
(who hadn't actually picked up a brush for years)
What was I thinking?

This second piece of Clematis montana 'tetra rose' was completed as a botanical illustration. Not perfect by any stretch, the dissections went a bit wrong and the petals got a bit over-detailed on this one, but I like the colour and the texture on the velvety buds came out well. As I got a good mark, I might go back to this one and sort out some of the 'petal problem' and put in an extra dissection to improve the balance of colour and composition.

What a difference a year makes!


Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Well done you for posting your beginnings - it's obvious to see the incredible progress you've made. I do hope you will join us on the Facebook SBA DLDC Group.
Just click on the link if you have a Facebook profile and ask to join .. it's a wonderful community of students very supportive of each other.
If any other SBA students are reading this they are welcome to ask to join also.
Look forward to seeing you back on the Course!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Vicki, thanks for the support. I keep meaning to get on facebook but don't yet have a profile. It will be good to join everyone in the group, it sounds like fun.

Looking forward to joining group 8 and hope to meet lots of students at the seminar in April. x

Hedera said...

I've just had a similar experience looking back over old/unfinished studies. I actually like aspects (form and movement) of your "Veggie Trio" very much. :)

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Oh Hedera you are lovely being so kind.

Looking back over old pieces can inspire new works. Perhaps one day, 'Veggie Trio' will make a spectacular, and all new return.