Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Yellow Again!

Yes! The decision is made, it's yellow again, (well with a bit of blue)  for a small study of a dwarf narcissus and grape hyacinth. It's not that I am particularly fond of daffodils, (or yellow come to that), but we do seem to have a lot of them in the garden just now so for me, they are the obvious choice without having to go and buy something. 

This will be just a little something for the sketchbook as I feel that I have been neglecting it lately. There were some absolutely stunning orchids calling to me from the shops, but their price tags made me think along slightly more modest lines. So, with Easter coming up fast, this classic combination of little spring bulbs will certainly cheer up a little corner of a page. 

Some tricky little numbers

Just a little something
Now for the yellow, (and blue).

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