Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Botanical Blast from the Past

Yesterday, as I was rummaging about for a suitable plastic sleeve in order to protect my work as it wings its way to the printers, I found this...

A curiosity from my previous life as a Graphic Designer 

This typography piece was completed as one of a series of logos for a tourism advertising campaign for London Underground. Actually, it was a college assignment as part of my BTec way back in the day when I was training to become a Graphic Designer, ( ah, happy days). Each of the four logo segments had a different graphic to match the theme, (if I remember, there was Historical, Maritime, Financial and Botanical) and together they formed a circle. This one, for Botanical Living London represented the London Royal Parks such as Regent's and Hyde and of course, Kew Gardens.

Hand rendered with black ink on very smooth white board, and with the central design taking inspiration from the famous 'Daisy' logo from 60s fashion icon Mary Quant, this piece took an absolute age, but I had great fun doing it. Considering that this was completed some x number of years ago and I hadn't even remembered that I had kept it tucked away, I was amused at how funny things turn around and you occasionally end up back where you started. Well they say, 'that's life'!!   

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