Monday, 2 April 2012

A Feast for the Eyes

The cover of the May issue of  Artists and Illustrators Magazine really caught my eye. Magazines are not really something that I buy on a monthly basis, or get truly excited about, but if there is something that I like the look of, I get it.

This month there is an interview with Australian artist Anne Middleton. Her approach to painting is truly extraordinary and stunningly beautiful, I was immediately hooked. Trained in mural painting in Italy, Anne works in oils on Belgian linen and at an epic scale. Panels are worked separately to create exquisitely detailed murals, the latest being her Gates of Paradise series. Exceptionally detailed, encapsulating botanical and natural history themes in their execution, Anne's subjects include both the flora and fauna of the rainforests in Australia with colour and vibrancy to match their scale. Botanical artists working to a larger scale include both Rosie Sanders and Anna Knights among others, but nothing compares to this!

As I am halfway through reading the article, there is no doubt more to discover about this talented artist, but I just had to share these terrific pictures with you. So, feast your eyes and see if you are not captivated by her style. Something delicious to motivate and inspire us all.

Has a plum ever looked so plumptious?

Scabiosa Blossom, Red Tulip and Baroque Cherries III

Detail from two of Anne Middleton's
Gates of Paradise mural

The artist at work and Dragonfly Frond

If this preview has whetted your appetite, Anne Middleton has an exhibition coming up in 2013 at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London


Barbra Joan said...

How unbelievably beautiful!!
Thanks for sharing, BJ

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi BJ, they are rather splendid aren't they. I will try to catch Anne's show next year, if I remember!