Thursday, 26 April 2012

My New Camera

At long, long last, I have bought a new camera. Not the big, technical Digital SLR I had first fallen head over heels for but a slick little number that fits nicely into my pocket. It pays to wait it would seem.

My Dad has always had really nifty camera gear and over the weekend, apart from going to the SBA seminar, I had a go with some of his stuff. Yes, there was the Canon looking all gorgeous and shiny screaming, buy me now!!! But then there was this tiny little thing, sleek, uncomplicated and with all the oomph of some of its bigger digital brothers. Hmmm, I thought, perhaps this would be the way to go after all.   

So let me introduce you to 'Little P'. He is a Panasonic SZ 1 with 10x Optical Zoom, Leica Lens and 16 megapixels, (plus, the price was incredible, always a bonus)!! Well goody, whatever that all means. Dad and 'Husband' reassuringly state that this technical jargon is a good thing and my pictures will be gorgeous. Don't know about that fellas, I'm no Mario Testino, have you seen my photos lately?

'Little P', all ready to go!! 

In order to improve my photo taking skills I have set up a daily, (or weekly, or monthly, or whenever I can) photo journal on Blipfoto. At least I will get lots of practice.  


Barbra Joan said...

Well it sure is 'purty' lol!
sometimes these little ones are great.. For the past 4 years I've done all my photography for the blog with my Olympus Digital (forgot the model) ,, I love , love that camera .. all of the photos on the blog have been just done simply.
Good Luck with yours BJ

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi BJ. I know it sounds mad but this will actually be my first camera. Andy lent my his old Olympus and that is what I have been using for all of my pictures up to now.

Debbie Nolan said...

Sketchbook Squirrel - your camera looks wonderful - I know I got so excited when I received my digital camera - so enjoy - taking pics is such fun!