Friday, 11 May 2012

Back to the Botanicals

After whiling away a couple of days, with other activities and sorting out those prints, it's time to get down to the business of, 'getting some paint on that blasted paper'! 'Husband' has such a way with words but hit the nail on the head there. Procrastinating is not something that should be indulged in when there is a deadline to work to and, much as I realise that I do have a lot of time to do it, I also have a short stay in hospital looming so time, as they say, is of the essence.   

Second time around, I am pleased with how this assignment is coming together. Tackling the yellow flowers first was daunting, but I had to get them out of the way early as they really are my nemesis. Tutsan flowers are quite small and as their stamens stick up, they tend to look a bit like a pincushion.

I'll pick out the highlights on the stamens with a scalpel and add their shadows against the petals last of all. For this I will use a purply-grey shade and a very fine brush. The green 'berry' forming in the centre has a lovely fresh colour and sheen, a bit like an egg. Remembering some of the early pencil exercises where I rendered a circle to look like a ball came in handy, as it's much the same.   

Phew!! Nearly done.
Those yellow flowers really are tricky little customers.
Just the rest of it to do now!

Don't take any chances.
Lots of trying out to get the colour right.
And a lilac toned shadow mix 



Inky Leaves said...

Good luck with the yellow flowers - they are looking superb already: they look nice and fresh! I think you are doing a sterling job, as I always muddy my yellows!

Barbra Joan said...

Procrastinate... we all do it.
the yellow flowers are perfect.
and hey thanks for the visit. now get some paint on the blasted paper .. BJ

Jarnie Godwin said...

Hi Jess, I have that problem too. i tend to keep going back to do a few bits here and there and before you know it...Yuck!!

Hi BJ, thanks for the vote of confidence. Yes, I have been painting today. x