Thursday, 31 May 2012

More Dreaded Dissections

This week, I tackled the dissections for my fieldwork piece. Lots of my fellow students have said how much they enjoyed doing this assignment and I must agree with them, it has been great fun. After the research, sketches, lots of colour charts and all the necessary prep, it has all been a really satisfying process.  

Then comes the hard part, the painting. Of course, I always start out with the best of intentions, starting to work at the top left and working my way across the page. However, this is not happening here, and I am all over the place with either brush or pencil. First came the Hypericum flowers, buds and stems, then the main stem. Then, rather than finishing the leaves, it was onto the graphite grasses and then...dissections!

The original idea of a cluster of berries.

With my initial sketches and prep, I had planned to complete two pages with lots of berries and buds including blackberries, rose hips and hypericum berries. But, after much to-ing-and-fro-ing I decided on one page with just a few dissections and the inclusion of a bug or two. Hopefully this layout will create more of a 'story' about what I found in my woodland margin hedge. 

Dissected rose hip and seeds
The two rose hips will be painted in colour.
Just hope I can make them look nice and shiny.

Just the one then!
The stem on a Tutsan has two 'fins' on either side, so I will
put in an enlarged dissection to clearly show this.
(Better safe than sorry, I don't want my tutor to think
I can't paint straight stems!)



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Debbie Nolan said...

Sketchbook Squirrel - such lovely work. I admire you so for being able to see all those details. Take care and God Bless.