Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Anything that has great colour and texture always catches my attention. it could be an interesting brickwork style or an embossed leather book jacket or, in this case knitting. Over the past year I have been teaching myself to knit. Mum of course is a great knitter and has been giving me lots of pointers during my struggles but, never making things easy for myself, I am drawn to interesting shapes and textures, particularly in 'vintage' styles. My collection of books is an ever-growing library and although I will never knit half of the designs, I love the history and technical difficulty of some of the pieces.

My favourite and most difficult design so far, a lacy cardigan

As the rain has shown no sign of stopping, I have been using the time indoors to finish some of my other knitting and patchwork projects. A little old-fashioned I guess but that's the type of girl I am. There is nothing better than a cup of tea in one hand and a vintage knitwear book in the other, unless there are knitting needles in both of course!

Another favourite, simple but really nice on.

Susan Crawford's vintage anthology of knitwear design
from 1930 - 1959
Plus a quick update on what's on the drawing board. Well, the 'working in the field' project is all drawn up and ready to go, again. Decided to go for a single page of all five wildflower species rather than two pages. After some advice from Jane Leycester-Page, it does look like a better composition, although it took me ages to redraw everything.



Debbie Nolan said...

Learned to knit years ago. Knitting, crocheting and embroidery work always interest me. I guess I am with you in the old fashioned dept. That cup of tea sounds pretty good too. God Bless You

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Debbie. Wish I had learned when I was younger. Embroidery is something I have done for years but not knitting. Enjoying it now though.