Friday, 8 June 2012

Business as Usual

Well now that all the celebrations are over it's back to business as usual and back to work. Thankfully, with all the dissections finally finished, I can concentrate on flowers and leaves. The pinks and purples with a touch of rich yellow should look fresh and light amongst all the lovely greens so I am looking forward to seeing the finished result.

A small pink rose bud against some graphite detail makes for an interesting, sketchy style which I like. Permanent Rose with a touch of Ultramarine worked nicely.

Working the rose bud of the Dog Rose.
I love the mass of green frothiness. 

As always, I really like to work out a colour chart first and before I use a mix for the first time. Generally, as I work through a piece, I am always testing, mixing and checking to make sure i have the right colours. I don't leave things to chance.

A colour chart for Winsor Violet.
The flowers of the Cranesbill and Bittersweet will
use some of these mixes.

Thumbnails are a great way to test your theory for a composition. I do loads of these little sketches and add the colours to check for balance. Mixing the colours of the plants around, a bit like in a garden, helps to keep the eye moving around the piece.

Working small roughs of possible compositions
 lets me see how the colours and shapes work together.
A habit formed in my Graphic Design days.

The constant cold, rain and wind of late has done serious damage to the plants in the garden, I am glad to be working from prepared sketches and colour swatches. Working in the field it may be, not working in a great morass of soggy mud! Just a few extra visits to the hedgerow should do the trick to give me enough info to get things done. 

Hoping to get into London before the end of this month to catch Rosie Sanders' new, 'Against the Light' exhibition at Park Walk Gallery. Oh and of course the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.


Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Nice post Jarnie. Your work is so neat and orderly, you are so well organised. Mine is absolute chaos and after each assignment like a bomb has hit the art room. Looking good so far ...

Barbra Joan said...

Always a pleasure to view your work. And love color charts. I make them too.
Thanks for sharing this one.

Jarnie Godwin said...

Hi Vicki. Oh believe me I can be as untidy as the rest. The room I work in is really small so if I get messy, I can't move!

Hi BJ, oh where would we be without colour charts. They are like a map telling me where I need to go.

Claire said...

looking good so far xxx

Debbie Nolan said...

Jarnie - your flowers are perfecto - just love seeing your art. Color charts are really pretty as well. Thanks so much for sharing. Take care and God Bless.

Janene said...

I am so excited about your study of the hedgerows! We don't have such things here, but the idea of searching in hidden nooks for wildflowers sounds very appealing to me. Your roughs look marvelous, so can't wait to see the finished product.

Jarnie Godwin said...

Thanks Claire, hard work though!

Hi Debbie, you are always so kind, bless your heart!

Hi Janene, hopefully the finished article will be worth all the nettle stings and insect nibbles:(