Wednesday, 27 June 2012

That Cranesbill!!

Well, back to the matter in hand, the fieldwork study, and the one that was always going to make me nervous, Cranesbill pratense. These delicate blue flowers with elegant stems and fern-like leaves are just beautiful when seen growing in drifts by the roadside or in amongst a hedge, as they do here.

Suffering for your art, just check out those nasty nettles lurking in the background

Pretty flowers though.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately!), depending on how it goes, they are my tutor's favourite wildflower, and I am sure she will have high expectations of anyone who chooses to paint them. In this case, me! The flowers are tricky as they have a tendency to change colour with age, (as many do, of course). Deep purple when they are opening to pale blue when they are fully open and all the time with some pinky shades going on too.

There has been much colour testing and trying out of different mixes. In the end there are about four different mixes in the finished flowers and although this sounds a lot, I couldn't put a lot on as the light bleaches the colours to almost nothing in places. Hence, a light touch. This actually seems to be the norm with the wildflowers I have chosen as they are all-short lived, fragile little numbers.

Step 1.
Winsor Violet, Indanthrene Blue, Ultramarine Light,
Permanent Rose and a range of Mid-Tones.
The centres have a greenish colour.
Olive Green and some of the purply
mid-tone helped here. 

To give the suggestion of habitat, (which is something we have to include on this one) I decided to use graphite for the grasses. As I have used graphite elsewhere in this piece, i thought this might be a nice reflection. We'll see.

The seed capsule, (the cranes bill)
and other little buds.
Now for the leaves.

Whilst visiting my site, I noticed how much it had changed since my first visit last year, and also noted that many of the trees were also starting to develop their fruit.

The Dog Rose has spread all over the hedge bank

From little acorns, great oaks grow!

The cutest conkers I have ever seen!

Oh, and just as an aside here, I will be off the grid for a short time as I have to go into hospital for, 'a little something'. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed next week. See you then! x   


Claire said...

Its looking so lovely Jarnie.Can't wait to see it finished .

Debbie Nolan said...

I am always so amazed at your lovely work. Your cranesbill is beautiful. So very intricate - love the colors as well. Hope you are doing okay - I will say a little prayer you are better soon.

Jarnie Godwin said...

Hi Claire, this one goes on and on etc... can't wait to finish it myself.

Oh thatnk you debbie, that is kind of you. I am feeling better already!! x