Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Thorny Issue

I hate the sight of blood, especially my own. There has been plenty of it this week as I have been getting up close and personal with the thorns on the brambles. They really are nasty little blighters, sharp, long and always finding my fingers!!

Thin, long and very sharp

Ouch again!!
A different type of thorn but just as sharp.
Nice colour though.

Getting there!
To do the leaves, the thorns will get masked out.
The stuff I use doesn't lift the paint.
As close as I want to get
The stipules were tricky and still might
need a little touch up here and there.

Greens used were mixed using Lemon Yellow, Cerulean Blue and Ultramarine Light. Mixes were darkened using mid tone shades mixed with the yellows and blues used along with some Perylene Maroon. Thorns were applied with Raw Sienna, a brownish Mid Tone and more Perylene Maroon.

New discoveries are always fun, especially if it is craft related. This weekend, I will be turning my hand to something new that I am really keen to have a go at. Fabrics and folding will be involved and the results will be posted here next week.   

Those leaves are still waiting...


Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Had to laugh sorry but will think of you as I do the same ... one of my subjects is covered in spiny leaves and I have done my share of gasping after getting spiked. Yours is a far prettier subject though and you are handling it beautifully.

Barbra Joan said...

It's looking so good as usual your work is right on..
as for the thorns I live in Florida and stings from everything from thorns to catepillars, and even the stinging nettle, plus the thorns on some palm fronds are about 2" long .
Blood ! Not a pretty sight!!!

Fliss said...

Wow your very talented!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Vicki, Oh now trust you to find my pain amusing!! I think we will all go there over the next few weeks. Good luck with your spiny beast! :o

Hi BJ, Ah yes well in Florida I would imagine that just about everything will try to bite, sting or in some cases eat you!!

Fliss, many thanks for your visit. That is so kind of you, it will make all the thorny snags a little easier to bear :)

Janene said...

Ha, it's all for the cause, right? We braved snakes (non-venomous), ticks and a plant that causes horrible rashes (we steered clear) for this assignment. For all of its beauty, nature does have its challenges! Your paintings and drawings are coming along beautifully--can't wait to see the finished products!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Janene. Oh you poor darling that sounds pretty awful! I guess I should count myself lucky :)

Gartenmalereien said...

I did a walk through your blog, after long time spending in my garden, i had the time.... bevor working.
...AAAhhh so beautiful all your Posts and your Tipps are great.
thanks very much

greetings from hot switzerland


Debbie Nolan said...

Your roses are lovely and your attention to the tiniest details takes my breath away - yikes the thorns are evil - bet you will be glad when this project is finished.

Thanks for sharing.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Stephanie, glad you have been able to get out and enjoy your garden. So pleased you like my posts. Many thanks for your visit.

Hi Debbie, your comments are always so welcome. Yes, these thorns really are naughty and I have been caught a good few times.


....looking very good .

Hedera said...

Your painting is looking very promising Jarnie. I love seeing colour emerging from a pencil drawing. Can't wait to see what you're crafting... :)