Monday, 25 June 2012

Turning Japanese

There has been much to enjoy with my latest project. To begin with, I was dreading it. After all, five plants plus dissection, all from the same habitat is something of an ask. Plus, and this is something of a small confession, I had to start again due to an accidental splash on my work. A total right off of course, but there you are. Luckily it was quite early on and I hadn't got too far into the painting but it was a rush to get the next one underway I can tell you. It certainly held up my belief and trust in tracing my drawings and keeping them, (just in case).

Going down a completely different road, I have discovered these fabulous Japanese folded fabric flowers called Kanzashi. I first found out about these from my new friend Emily who makes wonderful brooches, fascinators and all number of lovelies. Kanzashi, like origami are made from multiple folds from one small piece of fabric to make a petal. You make however many you want, thread them all together and, voila! Apparently this is a traditional skill that was practised by trainee Geisha and worn as hair ornaments! Who would have thought!!    

So, excited to give it a go this weekend, I made one or two myself by following some instructions I found online. There is something theraputic about doing something fiddly, knitting, embroidery, patchwork, jewellery making, you name it and I'll have a go at it, and since I have got loads of gorgeous fabrics leftover from my patchwork project bag, these may multiply...

First attempt...

...and a back view

And once the confidence built, I tried some different folding styles. It all gets very addictive this, and already the orders from the the house are coming in!

All fingers and thumbs on this one.

Oh now steady on!

All together now...

...they just make you smile.
Just need to find some special buttons and bits and bobs
to finish them off at the centre.
Brooches or hairclips on the back? Hmmm. 



Debbie Nolan said...

How neat - it is fun to do something completely different once and awhile. Love your petals - thanks for sharing.

MILLY said...

They look really nice, very pretty as brooches.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

That was just my thinking Debbie, something completely non-painting related.

Hi Milly, good to hear from you. Just a little something to keep the fingers nimble!