Monday, 18 June 2012

WIP into Shape

Well, the current work in progress is moving along. The bramble blossom has been finished and the Dog Rose flower is underway. There is still much to do and as some of my sketches are a bit patchy with the info, another field trip was necessary. So, bBetween the torrential downpours, I managed to stay dry and get a couple of photos and sketches done.

Had to start off with this Peony as it is the first year it has flowered!
Bowl of Beauty is well named

Felty buds of the bramble

Just opening. A new bud on the Dog Rose

Painting the bramble flowers was a real challenge. The flowers are almost white and look like rumpled sheets! Just a touch of Permanent Rose tinted into a mix of mid-tone seemed to work quite well for capturing the colour. Using the wet-on-wet approach for the first wash along with a very light touch of colour formed the pools and wrinkles that I worked up. 

My initial sketchbook piece for this looked far too pink and more like a rose. Remembering this and being less enthusiastic has given a better result. I just need to leave it alone! The green buds were a mix of Winsor Lemon and Cerulean to give the felty bloom. Ultramarine aded to the mix gave the darker shades.

My painting of the brambles

The garden has provided some much needed colour and fragrance over the last few days and some beautiful flowers have found their feet and come up trumps!  

Rosa 'New Dawn' is a beautiful rambling rose.
The flowers have a gorgeous fragrance and
it will keep on going throughout the summer. 

One of my favourite clematis is just coming in to
bud. Arabella has blue/purple open flowers.
I grow it with a climbing orange rose. 

Rosa 'Albertine', considered to be one of the best
rambling roses. An old variety that flowers with only one
flush of blooms. Oh, the fragrance!   

Pass! No idea on this one but it is rather lovely.

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MILLY said...

The roses seem to have enjoyed the rain and my ALbertine is also out. It has been very interesting seeing all your colour carts and the technical stuff that your course requires. Good luck with the bramble.