Thursday, 19 July 2012

And the Next One

Well, today is a milestone day at Squirrel HQ as this is the 100th blog post. Has it really been that many? Ah well, onto the business in hand.  This is such a BIG assignment, I am really hoping the end will come soon! Looking at the amount of shrubby specimens I picked, I really am beginning to wish I had chosen a riverside or meadow where the flowers that grow tend to be slightly more sparing, wispy type efforts. All stems and small flowers perhaps? Ah well, maybe next time. The work goes on and now I am on four and five, Bittersweet and Dog Rose, the end is surely in sight.

The finished Tutsan leaves.

Some early washes and detail going on the Dog Rose.

It seems a tad premature but I am already contemplating the next one to come. This will be a design for a greetings card with the option of a landscape background. Cripes! That sounds bigger than this one. It goes that the more you progress, the more challenging the assignment, with lots more to do. As it is, I only have another two to go, the card design and a mixed study before I get to work on the final Portfolio of three pieces. Now then, a wealth of possibilities available there! 

The meadow flowers in the garden are really coming into their own just now. The idea was to encourage more wildlife such as bees and butterflies into our patch and secondly, to fill a dull, scrubby area that had been doing very little. The seeds were sown some months ago, but due to the miserable weather we have been having, nothing happened for ages, then, boom! Cosmos, poppies, cornflowers and a plethora of other species have really cheered up the area of scrubland we had in our garden. Thinking of using some of these for the next assignment.

Very patriotic, Red, White and Blue.
Not intentional I hasten to add, this was a premixed packet.

Cosmos are such cheery flowers
and these are in my favourite purple.

At last, the bees are here!


Tracy Hall said...

Looking good Jarnie. I was speaking to another artist who is doing the SBA course recently and it sounded absolutely wonderful. Your wildflower garden looks beautiful, what a slow year it has been for the garden! Congrats on your 100th post!

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Those leaves are really stunning Jarnie, no wonder it is taking ages ... good luck with the rest of the artwork, I look forward to seeing the whole page!

Jessica Rosemary Shepherd said...

Those leaves are stunning Jarnie - well done - you must be chuffed to bits with how this assignment has come out.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Tracy. Yes, the SBA course is a lot of fun as you get to meet up with some great people like Jess and Vicki. It can also be really tough too, like this latest assignment.

Hi Vicki. Thanks so much for your support. I have been so impressed by your piece, mine is like a never-ending saga!

Hi Jess. lovely to hear from you again. I must admit to being just a wee bit pleased with this one but felt i had to come back with a bang! :)