Monday, 30 July 2012

No. 11

Time to get back to business. After the excitement and spectacle of the Olympic Opening Ceremony came the disappointment of the Men's Cycling Road Race. No gold medal for Sprint World Champ, Mark Cavendish, (again!) Never mind Mark, there's always next time!

So, time to get on to Assignment 11. This time it's design a greetings card time and although this may seem like an absolute gift, it's a tricky one. Do you go for a natural apporoach with a scenic background and plants and flowers around the edge? Or maybe have a gorgeous tied bunch with a colourful ribbon? The choice is endless. I have an idea of the sort of flowers I would like to use but still have the decision to make about how to present them.

Just now, I am taking loads of photos and getting colour matches and sketches into my sketchbook for reference. We shouldn't really use live subjects to work from on this one, as this would get away from the true object of the challenge to work from photos. So, no cheating!  Here are a few snaps I took whilst out for a short walk with 'Husband'. 

Greater Knapweed
A gorgeous purple and elegant shape
make this one a serious contender.

Not bad from above either.

A new one for me, Teasel.
The flower heads are huge, so perhaps
a little impractical.

More Teasel by the roadside

Up close the flower heads are really quite pretty.
More purple, can you see a pattern here?

Oh yes, before I forget, I finally got the Etsy shop up and running. More prints will be available soon, as will some of my Kanzashi flower corsages, which have poved to be something of a hit.



Vicki Lee Johnston said...

To be honest Jarnie I am pretty stumped on this one. I have lots of beautiful photos already with backgrounds and foregrounds with flowers - but separate photos and composing together is such a wide open choice. The thought of a bunch of flowers on white background is a little too like our next assignment. Hmmmm what to do ...

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Oh blimey, me too Vicki. Loads of great photos and am even doing the colours and sketches, just no idea what to do with it all. I am not really up for a white background either???????