Tuesday, 10 July 2012

One Down...

...five to go, and there is still soooo much to do. Now that the bramble leaves are done it's onto the rest. Cranesbill leaves are very delicate and will be a real pain in the behind to get right. Thankfully I have been a bit sparing with the foliage, only a little is needed for identification so why give myself unnecessary amounts?

Still having to take things a bit easy for the next few weeks is a bit badly timed, as the deadline for this is the 27th July. Yikes!!! Hoping to get a little bit done each day, fingers crossed the work will fly by and I can go for the 'big reveal' and show you the results in good time before posting.   

Luckily, the bramble with its rather complex leaves is all finished, with just the little ladybird to add. These are my first brambles and I really enjoyed getting into the complex nature of the leaves with all their nibble holes and serrations. For the different colourations, I added some Perylene maroon to some of my green mixes, to create a range of browns and dark greens. Just a touch to the edges immediately gave more character and tone. Lovely.

The delicate flowers needed little fuss, with just a very light wash of palest pink. Most of the work here was with a greyish tone to add shadow and the fluttery nature of the petals.     

Almost there! Just the ladybird to do in
the white space on the top right leaf. 

The large, fleshy leaves of Tutsan have a lot of shine and an obvious vein structure. Fresh, bright green early in the season, Tutsan leaves go a gorgeous red come the Autumn as the fruits turn almost black. 

This leaf in the sketchbook could have been a bit darker to really bring it out, so I will have to take care on the actual painting. Lots of green will have to made here as I do not want to run out of mix halfway through a leaf!. This has happened before, and it is really hard to get the exact same colour mix.

My favourite Indanthrene Blue, Lemon Yellow and Perylene Maroon
mix will come into play here as the fresh, zesty green will make a good
base for the darker mixes.
Ultramarine light, Cadmium Yellow and Cerulean mixes
 will probably make up the rest.

In between painting time, I have finally added the finishing touches to the Kanzashi flowers I have been making. Actually, I am quite pleased with these little numbers and have already got a couple attached to some of my satchel bags that I use to lug my stuff about! 

Blooming marvelous!
The little tags are actually business cards made with
some of my garden photos.

A new kind of flowering
Raiding my vintage button box proved fruitful

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