Friday, 13 July 2012


...and those leaves just keep on coming. Much like the rain of late! When will it all end? With a superb finished result hopefully! Working on that Cranesbill has been a bit of an ordeal, with much eyestraining and small brush strokes needed to get the very fine leaves right.

There is an interesting vein structure but not a lot of shine to the Cranesbill leaves, so I kept detail to a minimum on the small leaves and in the areas of dark shade. I also liked the yellow tones to the tips of older leaves, and tried to capture this on one or two. Indanthrene Blue and Lemon Yellow always creates a beautifully rich green and can easily be adapted with different reds to suit.

Just one or two left to do and then...onwards!

With just two weeks to go before posting day looms, I had better get something of an urgent wiggle on. There is still so much to do and I really want to do a good job on this one. With the SBA Course everything, and I mean EVERYTHING comes down to the marks you get. Your final result is worked out as an average over all of the assignments, so every little gain, or loss for that matter can be the difference between, Pass, Credit or Distinction! Feels like A-Levels again!! 

My foray into fabric fancies continues with more of those little flowers being made than you can shake a stick at. I may be going a bit too far here, but it's fun and who knew they would be so popular? 

Now then, that's bright!
And a little 60's even if I do say so myself

A little more subtle



Debbie Nolan said...

Your cranesbill is really moving along. Thanks for sharing your mix of green - greens are always so difficult for me. Glad to see you are up to painting once again. Take care and God Bless!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Debbie, glad to be of service. When I started the illustration course, I had to make up a big chart of green mixes. This was really useful and I refer back to it all the time. x