Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Resting? No Chance!

For a good few days now, I have been unable to get stuck into my painting. Doctor's orders alas due to my recent hospital visit, boo! However, there has been plenty of time for me to catch up with sketchbook work and making up the list of species that has to go with my fieldwork study.

It is quite amazing how much you can find in such a small space. The hedgerow is not exactly huge and behind it is a forest so there is a bit of a mixture of woodland and hedgerow going on. Also, a busy road with cars constantly flying past is just beside it all, so there is a certain amount of 'drift' allowing garden specimens to take hold and add a bit of a twist.

So far I have managed to identify nearly forty different species growing in my little patch. Along with all the 'big stuff' such as Oak, Holly, Elder and so on, there are a multitude of smaller shrubs and flowers, including Bittersweet and Spindle. The real trouble starts when you start to include the grasses and smaller wildfowers. Good job I have got myself an ever-growing library of helpful books, and of course, the Internet. Now to type the whole lot out. Phew!!    

Goat's Beard seeds, ready to go!

I love the structure of these 'clocks'.
So perfect for catching the slightest breeze.

The flowers of Goat's Beard open really
early in the morning and close early.
 Hence the mouthful of a name, Jack-go-to-bed-early

A couple of bugs bask in the morning sunshine on a Dog Rose

Another dog Rose but with almost white flowers

Common Mallow with their gorgeous stripes

Tree barks offer their own interest

Ferns unfolding



Debbie Nolan said...

Your photos are lovely - I have goat's beard in my garden but it is totally different from yours. Wonder if they are related. Mine looks a bit like frothy asparagus. Hope you are doing okay. Debbie

Anonymous said...

Wow those flowers are amazing. Your site is a very bright and colourful one that makes me happy. I am your newest follower!

Come and take a peak at my blog if you like...

Have a great day.
Michael Lounsbury

Claire said...

Nice hedgerow photos, Hope you're well again and that the painting is coming along xx

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Debbie, Ooh I had better go check in my field guide!Some common names are shared so perhaps that's it?

Welcome Michael, glad you like my work and good to have you on board.

Hi Claire, getting there. x