Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The End of an Epic, (And the Olympic Games).

Well, what happened there then? It really does feel like someone switched a big light on and turned the heating up at the same time. Oh yes, and remembered to turn the tap off! Yes at last, the rain has stopped, the sun has come out and now we have temperatures of 28C. Summer has come to Britain, all but two months late.

Just in time for all this glorious weather, my epic piece, Working in the Field is finished and off to the tutor. Hooray! It has been quite a time, and I have really found out quite a bit more about a piece of land I thought I knew really well. On that subject, how can I forget the Olympics, starting here on Friday. Growing up just on the outskirts of East London, and going back often to visit Mum and Dad, I get to see the park area in Stratford quite often. It really is something to see close up. 

Dog rose, with rose hip

My little ladybird.
I would have liked to have preserved more shine and gone for a brighter red, but there you go.

As if we needed reminding, the 2012 Olympic Games are nearly upon us here in Britain. These have been labelled the 'Sustainable Games', with everything being geared towards enviromental friendliness, legacy and sustainability. The Velodrome is a beautiful building and is clad on the outside with wood. So, expect 'organic', 'green' and 'local produce' to be the buzz words for the next four weeks. Not being a massive sport fan, or being too impressed by the nightmare of the road closures and lane restrictions, I am finding all the flurry and professional 'Brit' cheeriness being demonstrated by some of our politicians and 'celebrities' a bit wearing. Roll on the cycling, ladies beach volleyball for 'husband' and Danny Boyle and his, 'Chocolate Box Blighty Spectacular'. Should be fun!


The bit I like is what they have done to the location. The 250 acre ex-industrial site at Stratford has been transformed with some major architecture, (I love the velodrome) but it is the flora that really got me interested. Over ten acres of wild flower meadows, a new woodland and the new RHS Great British Garden have already been established. The River Lea is a major tributary of the Thames and runs through the site. Here, the UK's largest urban river and wetland planting scheme has been established, with over 30 native species. Along with cycle routes, picnic gardens and two hectares of allotments, I think I will save my visit for next summer.

Taking growing your own a bit far.
Found this growing in amongst my
wildflower meadow.
Apparently wheat will be included in
bouquets of flowers at the Olympics. 


Inky Leaves said...

Love your finished piece Jarnie - especially the Bramble. Those leaves are incredible.

Yep - looking forward to seeing the opening ceremony tomorrow. I was interested to hear from my friend Hugh that they have also planted hundreds of semi-mature trees in the Olympic village as well as the meadows. All the trees were from Hilliers and it cost a small fortune. They have been instructed to water them for several months because of their semi-mature nature and lack of roots. Lets hope they remember to water them in this heat!

Off to the village on Monday with Henry. We got a ticket online - can't wait! Just the village - no sport.

Well done again on such a fabulous piece of work.

Debbie Nolan said...

Jarnie your botanicals are sooo...beautiful. I just love them. I am no sports fan either but it must be a bit exciting to have the Olympics in the place you live. The Veladrome sounds like my kind of place with all the greenery, etc. Have a great week.

Jarnie Godwin said...

Hi Jess, glad you like it. I agree, I think the brambles are the best I've done. The cost of the planting must be astonomical, but at least they have used British grown plants, a lot came from the Gower too. At least now they can use the sprinklers with gay abandon!! I really hope you have a fab day when you head over there, should be looking gorgeous.:)

Hi Debbie, so glad you like this one, I am quite relieved it's finished. Just hope my tutor likes it too!x

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Hi Jarnie - I have left comments on your blog but for some reason many don't come up ... perhaps it is that silly verification code.
Anyway I was saying ... the finished result is wonderful and indeed your leaves are outstanding. You have worked very hard and the result shows for your first assignment after a long break ... hope the pace won't be too much for you! Look forward to seeing many more.

Jarnie Godwin said...

Hi Vicki, many thanks for all of your lovely comment. Sorry to hear you have been having problems with the comments box. I have certainly published all of your comments and I have checked to make sure they are all here. I will investigate, and perhaps chuck out the verification nonsense!