Monday, 23 July 2012

The Home Straight

Aha, I hear you cry. Yes indeedy, I am so nearly there I can see the finishing line ahead. I am really trying not to rush the very last bit though, so much can go horribly wrong. Forgetting the sketchbook pages, or even worse, not listing the subjects on the back of the work can ruin all that hard effort! As it is I very nearly forgot to put that little ladybird in, so he was the last bit to be done. Bless!

Luckily I had a pretty free weekend, (apart from tuning in to watch Bradley Wiggins become the first Brit ever to win the Tour de France in it's 99 year history), so I was able to get some more of the painting done. The deadline is for the end of this week so at least the paint will be dry when it goes in the post!

The little collection of bits and pieces for the rose are all done now. For the rose hips I used Cadmium Red Deep to get a really pigment rich finish. A little yellow in the mix here and there added to the tonal values by showing an orangey colour as the hips ripen. The tumbling seeds were tricky to do, but I'm glad I added them. Just a bit of fun.

The finished dissections for the Dog Rose
Cadmium Red Deep, Cadmium Yellow
and Lemon Yellow made most of the
washes for the rose hips.   

So, just a few more washes to go, the details here and there and not forgetting, that little ladybird, and I'm done. Hooray! As if, there's still plenty to do on this bittersweet, but at least the washes are on and the detail is getting there.

The Bittersweet flowers used a mix of
Winsor Violet, Cobalt and some Ultramarine.
Not finished yet, the leaves used Lemon Yellow and
Cerulean Blue for a bright green base.


Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Good to see you are nearly there Jarnie.
Oh and our Cadel Evans won the Tour de France last year, such a big deal in Australia!
As for the labelling, well I have only just done mine and gathered together all the paraphernalia that goes with this assignment.
Glad to let it go ... has been a lot of work.
Yours is looking beautiful as always - looking forward to the whole artwork being unveiled!

Debbie Nolan said...

Jarnie - your work is so lovely. Good luck in finishing up. I just know you will be a success! God Bless.

Jarnie Godwin said...

Hi Vicki, Oh, I should have mentioned Cadel Evans. He is such a nice bloke and had a rotton Tour this year. I am so pleased you got your piece finished in time as I know you have got a lot on just now. :)

Hi Debbie. Not much to do now, really working up to the wire here, but it should go ok. x

renatabarillipainter said...

Brava !! your Bittersweet is marvellous. I did the same specie in my field work too. Yours i sperfect. ciao