Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Photo Finish

There is always that slight nervousness whenever I go to collect photos from the shop. Usually I would use my trusty printer and print my phots at home, but for this assignment I decided to get them done for me. Lots of practice with 'Little P' has certainly given my camera skills a boost and I am quite confident that the pictures I have taken will be useful for this next assignment.

Working from photos is really difficult as you cannot use the life subject for reference. size, colour and detail must all be taken from the pictures you use, so they had better be good. And your own, however bad, no plagarism here thank you very much!   

In my course binder, there is lots of advice on how to take good pictures, not that they are going to be all arty and composed. Photos to work from need to be practical and useful. Valerie Wright, my SBA tutor suggests trying to get a ruler or familiar object into the shot, to get the size. For colour, she suggests using a scarf or other familiar coloured object in the picture so that you get a colour reference. Lots of photos of the same subject, trying to keep the light on the same side will give all of the details such as flower, stem, leaf etc. 

The sketchbook has really come into its own here, as I have been making sure that my colour notes and sketches are spot on. Each page will have the photo, colour swatches, sketches and accurate drawings to trace from. Tracing is always a thorny issue, but Valerie supports there use as tracings can be used again and again and are extremely useful when trying to get a good composition. Well done Valerie!     

On the Kanzashi front, progress has been made and the little, 'folded fabric fancies' will be available on Etsy this Friday.


Debbie Nolan said...

Lovely photos - thanks for sharing your tips on like using a ruler for size, scarf for color, etc. Hope you are enjoying the Olympics - have a great week.

Hedera said...

Wonderful tips Jarnie - I rarely use my own photographs because I just can't see the amount of detail that I'd like. I've found that there's a lot of appreciation and interest in plants and plant illustration on Etsy. Best of luck there. :)
ps. your Kanzashi are lovely.