Friday, 3 August 2012

Cycling One, Painting Nil

Everything stopped on Wednesday afternoon. The cycling time trial was on and I couldn't miss it as Bradley Wiggins, British Cycling's new hero was in it. Many commentators from other nations say that Britain only really does well in posh sports where you sit down, (sailing, cycling and rowing). Well, that might be true, but the effort of winning is no less a painful ordeal.

Time trialling really is a specialist sport and is often called, 'The Race of Truth', especially in France, where they are really serious about the sport. It's just you, the road and a stopwatch. As the riders headed off one at a time, I was on for a real treat. It didn't disappoint. Chris Froome, (born in Kenya but cycling for Britain and Sky Procycling) was on for the Bronze, but had an anxious wait as the other riders tried to beat his time. Wiggins wouldn't believe he had won the Gold until the last rider had crossed the line. This last medal has made Wiggins, (who had humble beginnings on a South London housing estate, training on the outdoor velodrome at Herne Hill), Britain's most decorated Olympian. His life will never be the same again.

A rare scene, the artist not at work.
Empty water jars, no brushes, no paper.
it must be Time Trial time.

For me, the biggest and most applauded effort came from the last rider, Swiss cyclist and time trial legend, Fabian Cancellara, (nicknamed Spartacus). After a serious crash in the first race last week, he looked badly injured but carried on. He was way off the time, collapsed at the end, needed a lot of medical attention, but actually got back on his bike, much to the admiration of the enormous crowd. He really would have given 'Wiggo' a run for the gold as he was the defending Olympic Champion. It just goes to show that anything really can happen. he looked dreadful, but I can only hope he will be back on the bike soon.  

As you can tell, I like cycling. But I love painting. Now that I can actually breath again, painting can resume.

Ah, that's more like it.
Business as usual.
Crocosmia, but no idea which one

Nice colour, but should I go for orange?


Claire said...

yay,can't believe how many medals we have now ,and Murray just won gold!!
Good luck with the next assignment

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Exciting times indeed.