Thursday, 30 August 2012

Further Pondering

Bank Holidays always put me off for the rest of the week. Don't get me wrong here, I love a short week with a three day holiday but now I think Tuesday is Monday, Wednesday is Tuesday and so on. It all gets very odd.
Needless to say, not a lot of work got done this weekend, but I did do a lot of thinking about work and pondering what to do. With this assignment, ther has been an awful lot of that! However, all this faffing about really must come to an end and I MUST knuckle down and, 'just get on with it', as 'Husband' keeps telling me.

So, here we go then. Lots and lots of photos in hand, (probably too many) and loads of ideas whittled down to one, then trying to get it to work on paper. So far so good. The photos have given me all of the information I need to get angles, leaf joints, nodes, buds, berries and blooms right and I have been working to get a good selection accurate drawings. These will be used as tracings, then manipulated into my finished composition. Valerie Wright, (my tutor for this one) uses this method and even uses the same tracings in multiple guises on one design. Think turning the tracing over for a whole new flower!

Lets get organised.
Drawing underway, via 45 photos!!

Over the weekend, I did manage to pick up crochet. Mum tried to teach me this when I was young but I never managed to get the hang of using one tiny little hook. This time I cracked it! Starting simple by using up all of my knitting leftovers for a throw for our spare bed.

Happy Hooking!
Getting the hang of Crochet

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