Wednesday, 12 September 2012

An Inconvenient Truth, (and painting upside down)

Work on the honeysuckle has had to take a bit of a back seat over the last few days due to a rather inconvenient hospital appointment that ended with the inevitable placement on, 'The Waiting List'. Oh goody, that means another 15 week wait and my routine being completely put out!
Just had to get that little fume out of the way. Anyway, to be honest, the honeysuckle isn't actually looking too bad and things are coming together quite nicely. The leaves will be an epic effort as there are loads of them and they are all tangled together. Ah well, once I get my head together, I will get on with it. Must remember my little bugs too.

A rather romantic snail.
Partly done, but you get the idea.
The flowers proved an interesting challenge as I painted them upside down. Not, you understand with me doing a rather energetic handstand on the chair whilst trying to paint, (although that would have made an interesting blog post!). Instead, I had to turn the board around so the flowers were the right way up. Putting an arrow in the corner where the light would be coming from, so I wouldn't forget how it should look, I brought all my flower photos together and got the job done.   
Hmmm, an interesting new approach, but one that
actually works quite well. 

Ahh, that's better. Still no leaves though.
May have to ask Valerie for a bit of extra time.
My obsession with bugs makes me feel that a butterfly,
just in the space under the right hand flower may be just the thing. 


Inky Leaves said...

Looking good! Really silky petals - you have captured them so well. Sorry to hear that you're on the waiting list. If it makes you feel any better my doctor has completely messed up my referral to the endocrinologist so after waiting 3 months, I now may have to wait for another 3... :( But life goes on. Hope the leaves go well :D!

Debbie Nolan said...

Jarni - the honeysuckle is really coming along and I like the idea of the butterfly on the right too. Sorry for the delay in your surgery. Hope you are okay. Take care.

Jarnie Godwin said...

Hi Jess, seems us Brits are always in a queue for something.Keep smiling :)

Hi Debbie, think I may have to pass on the butterfly, but I will keep her in mind. :)