Monday, 3 September 2012

Off the Starting Blocks!

A bit late in the day but at last work has got underway on No.11. Quite probably due to nerves, I had dithered for quite a while over the final design for this next piece, and all the time it was right in front of me. A wedding card. It is the hardest one, and I only hope that going with a completely different approach is the right thing to do here. In some ways though, I am desperate to break my 'interesting' label.   
Honeysuckle stems create the overall shape of a heart along with berries, blooms and a froth of leaves. Hidden in amongst this will be some rose buds and hips, (loved doing these on the last one so here they are again), and the inclusion of some little garden insects will help add character. Can't resist a bit of OTT romance..     

Getting the shape right.
Yes it really is a heart you can see there.
Couldn't quite manage a scenery based piece,
and bouquets don't quite do it for me.
You can't quite get the Graphic Designer out of the girl I'm afraid.

Going for full-on romance with this card design doesn't just stretch to the shape, keeping with the theme, honeysuckle means 'devotion' in the language of flowers. Roses of course are the true flower of love, but as mine are showing some beautiful, colourful hips and only one or two late buds, I can include these without crowding the composition. Well that's the idea anyway!   

Intertwined stems, berries and leaves.
Can't help but put in a little snail on this one.
Nothing says romance like a snail! 

Stems meeting to create the distinctive shape.
May add a ladybird in here somewhere.


Claire said...

Fabulous idea for a valentines card design, and it ties in with the language of the flowers theme too! Hurrah and well done xxxx

Jarnie Godwin said...

Thanks Claire, just hope Valerie Wright goes with me on this one. :)

Inky Leaves said...

You could probably exhibit this one in the next SBA exhibition...?! :D

Jarnie Godwin said...

If it turns out ok, that's the plan. Thought you might be doing the same with your latest, it's looking good. :)