Thursday, 6 September 2012

Pretty in Pink, (and brown, and green)

Now that I am onto the buds and flowers of the Honeysuckle, I am using lots of red and pinky shades. The buds in particular are a rich and luscious colour which has taken me a while to mix correctly. Permanent Rose is not a colour that I have used much up until now, but it has certainly come into it's own, and is now invaluable. As many of you know, I have quite a fondness for the colour Perylene Maroon and I have used it again here. Try as I might, I can't mix a red without it and I will need a lot of red on this one.
Yummy pinks and shadow tones

Boisterous reds, perfect for berries 

The stems are nearly there too. Completing these first gave the overal shape some solidness which really helps to get a feel of it as I work on the rest. Using lots of brown shades for the more woody stems and greens for the immature, fresh growth helps with the textures and different tones of the intertwined element of the composition. Raw Sienna, Ultramarine Light and Indanthrene Blue were the main players for these mixes. A touch of red in the mix gave me more rich tones to play with.

First washes on the buds and opening flowers.
So far so good then, although I still have reservations on how well it will be received. Still, out of all of the assignments I have worked on so far, this one is swiftly becoming my favourite. There is a fun and quirky element to it that I am really finding quite nice to do. Including some garden creepy-crawlies may not be quite tradtional on a wedding or engagement card, but who cares, they look cute!     


Inky Leaves said...

Looking good Jarnie! Is it a Billy Showell inspired piece? Beautiful berries and a really good start, it'll be a good'un.

Jarnie Godwin said...

Thanks Jess. Got the idea from a gorgeous handmade card I found in a shop. All girly with roses and honeysuckle in a heart shape. It screamed, paint me!!

Just been on Billy Showell's website and spotted her honeysuckle heart. Oops! Should have guessed, ha, ha.

Debbie Nolan said...

Jarni great colors - reds are always hard for me too. Will have to try using perylene maroon. Your reds are truly lovely.

Jarnie Godwin said...

Hi Debbie. Yes, all these reds and pinks have been quite a challenge. Do try P. Maroon, it's a wonderful rich shade.

MILLY said...

The detail in pencil looks like this is going to be beautiful. I think you are brave painting honeysuckle in a heart shape, look forward to seeing it finished.

Jarnie Godwin said...

Thanks Milly. Well they asked for a card design, so thery are really going to get one! x