Monday, 15 October 2012

A Heady Mix

With my little studio filled with the scent of oriental lilies, October is feeling rather exotic, despite all the rain. This week has seen a flurry of sketchy activity, with leaves, petals, stamens and all sorts of plant parts being scrutinised, measured, drawn and painted. With this assignment I am taking absolutely no chances, and each component is being treated with care.

Sketchbook pages of a Lily

Colour charts to get the pink right.
Freesia 'Blue Moon', more lilac than blue.
With one major change already having to be made, I certainly don't want to get caught out again. Hence all the prep. It seems to be paying off though, with everything starting to come together. However, I do seem to be filling more pages in my sketchbook as the course progresses. Already 14 pages with this one, I dread to think how many I will notch up for the three major Diploma Portfolio pieces.

Working to a deadline with no real option of asking for extra time, I have decided that painting will have to begin on October 22nd. Why so precise? Well, I can get all of the sketches and compositions decided this week and starting the painting next Monday will give me four whole weeks of painting time, plus a few extra 'emergency' days, just in case. Thinking about this spurred me on to get the piece underway, so I have already got most of the composition traced out onto tracing film, with just a few more bits to go before the light box comes into action.

A bit of a dull day means the lights are on full throttle.
On the board?
Tracing film and the beginnings of the composition.  

I can't get enough of these beauties.
So here they are again.



Inky Leaves said...

Top marks for sketchbook coming to a town near you Jarnie!!! Can't wait to see the composition all drawn out. It's a full on task this one isn't it?!!

Jarnie Godwin said...

Ah, you have rumbled my cunning plan, the world tour is all set to go!! Really is a rotter this one, and I have tried so many different mixes. Hopefully with it now.