Friday, 5 October 2012

Calculator Conundrum

The problem with doing a design that requires a certain level of preciseness, is the maths. Oh yes, maths. The easy bit is the 3 - 4cm border round the edge of the paper, left for a mount (mat), but then there is finding the vertical centre to find half of the working area. Then there is finding the centre horizontally, thus dividing the whole page into four. Keeping up with me so far?
You might be thinking, enough! Oh no, there is indeed more. The design I am planning requires the width of the overal piece to be carefully considered too. With a certain calculation to be made here, there comes a point where you start thinking, why??? Believe me, when it's done it will all make sense, and it really isn't as complicated as I think I am making it sound. So, be patient with me, (and my ever present calculator).  
All of this is on top of the 'rules' to follow for botanical mixed compositions. Well, we have already been there in the last post so... perhaps we will leave it there for today. Class dismissed!

It's all in the preparation


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